jessica barraco design


graphic design

This graphic design section consists of my physical portfolio in image format. I designed the entire layout by scratch in InDesign and used Photoshop and Illustrator to create the images and graphics. I then printed the layout and constructed the portfolio into a physical book. Screw post binding is the method I chose, which allows me to modify and add pages with ease. The front of the book is a light pink with my logo stamped in white. Using my printmaking experience, I carved my own stamp of my logo and mixed my own paint which I reuse on my business cards. Along with the main portfolio featuring my graphic design, I also made 2 small books featuring my ceramic work and illustration. The creation of this physical portfolio was a challenge and I enjoyed working through it to create a great piece.




As a graphic designer, I also consider myself an artist. I know many other designers may disagree with me on this, and say “you’re not an artist, you’re a problem solver!” But who’s to say I can’t be both? Not only am I solving problems to make successful design, but I am also using art principles such as color theory, perspective, and composition to make that solution elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I successfully solve problems while making sure the solutions look good at the same time. I believe it is important to have an understanding in fine arts in order to be a good graphic designer.When creating design, I find brainstorming one of the most important steps. You can’t just go straight to the computer, it’s important to have the skill of illustrating, especially with traditional pencil and paper. I love thinking of multiple ideas and working out those solutions to find the best one. Every step I take has purpose. Every element of design that I choose has purpose. From what typeface I’m using to the colors in the layout. For instance, when I was deciding on my personal logo, I knew I wanted to go with pink because of the soft quality it gives. Not only is it my favorite color, but I chose the specific pink known as Baker-Miller Pink. This color has been observed to reduce aggression and violent behavior. I found that extremely interesting and felt it was perfect for the message I am showing through my identity.The designers that influence me include Massimo Vignelli, Verdy, and Keith Haring. They all inspire me in many different ways. From proper design structure, to fun and lively graphics, and even creating design which has a purpose to create change. I love graphic design because I can use it to create a voice and make a difference. Morals are a huge part of design for me. I would never work for a company where I disagree with their morals. I want to use my artistic abilities and skills to make a better world.